Technical Data
Power Supply / Phases (V-Ph) 240V - 1 ±15%
Rated Input Power (KVA) 5.8
ieff (Amps) 14.6 (TIG)
Rated Input Current (A) 24
Rated Output 20-170A/26.8V MMA
10-200A/17.4V TIG
No-Load Voltage (V) 56
Duty Cycle @ 40ºC as per AS/NZ60974 20%@170Amps MMA
20%@200Amps TIG
Efficiency (%) 85
Power Factor 0.93
Protection Class IP21S
Insulation Class F
Size (mm) 510x330x360
Weight (kg) 30Kg
Warranty 3 years on power source
Trolley Option
Welds: Aluminium, Zinc Alloy,Carbon Steels, Alloy Steels, Stainless, Cast Iron, Bronze, Copper
TIG 200Amp AC/DC Welding Machine
Square Wave, Pulse, Remote Control
Latest IGBT Inverter Technology
AC/DC Tig (AC/DC tungsten inert gas welding)
HF Tig Function (provides easy arc start, prevents tungsten damage)
2/4T Trigger Function
AC Square Wave with Adjustable AC Balance Control
Adjustable Pulse Control - 2.0 - 300Hz
Adjustable Base Current 10-90%
Adjustable Down Slope 0-10 sec
Adjustable Post Gas 0-10 sec
MMA (stick electrode)
Hot start (improves electrode starting)
Arc Force (stabilises the arc with difficult to use electrodes)
Remote Amperage Control - Optional
Remote Foot Control
The KUMJR200AC/DC is a 240V square wave AC/DC TIG inverter welder incorporating full TIG functionality including AC balance
control, pre gas, down slope, post gas, variable pulse parameters, HF start with 2/4T trigger control. The HF arc start provides easy
arc ignition leaving no tungsten inclusion and no contamination of the tungsten electrode. The Down Slope and Post Gas combined
with the 2/4T trigger function gives you control of the welder allowing you to control the start and finish of the weld process at a profes-
sional level. The addition of a fully adjustable pulse function of frequency, base current and pulse width gives you the added capability
to better control heat input into the work, control penetration & control distortion. AC balance control lets you set the AC TIG arc for
cleaning of the oxide layer on aluminium and adjustment for a deeper penetrating weld. Combining the functions of the KUMJR200AC/
DC ensures comprehensive control of the welding parameters when welding both AC and DC weldable materials giving you the abil-
ity to produce professional Tig welds. The DC MMA welding capability delivers a smooth and stable arc allowing easy welding with
electrodes obtaining high quality welds including cast Iron, stainless and low hydrogen. Addition of the optional Foot Control provides
variable amperage adjustment during welding. The UNI-MIG KUMJR200AC/DC has set the benchmark for 240V single phase AC/DC
welders and made it ideal for multiple applications; aluminium & stainless steel fabrication, light industrial use, repair and maintenance
Robust & reliable, built to our specification and manufactured in compliance to AS/NZ60974.1
Product Code: KUMJR200AC/DC
Standard option includes: KUMJR200AC/DC Machine, SR26 Tig Torch x 4m, Earth Lead & Arc Lead 25mm x 4m, Argon Regulator, 2M
Gas Hose with fittings
Amperage Control fro torch
KUMJR200AC/DC Certified - AS/NZ60974.1 YEARS Warranty
(Power Source)
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