(1) Set Tig/MMA selector
switch to MMA
(2) Connect the Electrode
lead to terminal
Installation set up for MMA (Stick) Welding with KUMJR200AC/DC
(1) Turn the power source on and select the MMA function with the Tig/MMA selector switch.
(2) Connection of Output Cables
Two sockets are available on this welding machine. For MMA welding the electrode holder is shown
be connected to the positive socket, while the earth lead (work piece) is connected to the negative
socket, this is known as DC+ polarity. However various electrodes require a different polarity for
optimum results and careful attention should be paid to the polarity, refer to the electrode
manufacturers information for the correct polarity.
DC+ Electrode connected to output socket.
DC- Electrode connected to output socket.
(3) Connect Earth Lead
the terminal
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