F Pulse Frequency: Provides adjustment and setting of the pulse frequency when the
machine is set in Pulse mode. It adjust the amount of times per second (Hz) the output
current switches from the Peak current setting to Base current setting.
 2.0
G Pulse Width: Provides adjustment and setting of the on time for the Peak current
during a pulse cycle.
 
(It means the output current (amps) will go from 100 amps to 20 amps during each
 
 
 
 
H AC Balance:
 
and magnesium require an AC welding output. These materials have an insulating
surface oxide layer that melts at a higher temperature than the base metal and makes it
 
ideal because the nature of the AC output assists in breaking the surface oxide layer.
 
 
 
time that the tungsten is at (+) is longer and this promotes an aggressive cleaning
 
time at the tungsten being (+) can drive too much energy to the tungsten causing it to
 
deeper penetrating arc characteristic.
Control Dial Function Descriptions - continued
I Gas Post Flow:
 
 
the tungsten electrode protected from oxidising atmosphere during the cool down cycle.
 
being used, when the Gas Post Flow is set correctly the tungsten electrode will have a
 
Adjustment 0-10sec.
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