A Gas Pre Flow:
initialisation of the arc. Helps arc ignition and prevents porosity in the weld start.
Adjustment is 0-1sec.
B Peak Current: Provides adjustment and control of the main welding current.
Adjustment range 10-200 Amps.
C Base Current: Provides adjustment and control of the base welding current during
pulse welding. Represents a percentage of the Peak welding current, for example
 
current (amps) during the pulse cycle will go from 100 amps down to 20 amps during
each pulse cycle.
 
D Down Slope: Provides adjustment of the down slope time at the end of the welding
cycle. At the end of the weld cycle the welding current will reduce down gradually
over the time set at the dial until it stops. This prevents craters and pin holes forming at
the end of the weld.
Adjustment is 0-10sec.
Note: When using the remote foot control set the dial to “0”.
E Arc Force: Provides adjustment of the short circuit current during stick (MMA)welding.
Arc force control helps prevent the electrode sticking to the work by sensing a drop in
arc voltage and compensates by increasing the arc voltage.
The higher the dial is set the more forceful and digging the arc will be, the lower it is set
the more soft and buttery the arc characteristic will be.
Control Dial Function Descriptions
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