29 Navigating the main menu
Navigating the main menu
You can use the OSD (On Screen Display) menu to adjust all the settings on your monitor.
Press any of the control keys to bring up the hot key menu, and press Menu to access the main
menu. See Basic menu operation on page 25 for details.
Available menu options may vary depending on the input sources, functions and settings. Menu
options that are not available will become grayed out. And keys that are not available will be
disabled and the corresponding OSD icons will disappear.
For more information on each menu, please refer to the following pages:
Display menu on page 30
Picture menu on page 32
Picture Advanced menu on page 34
Audio menu on page 37
Ergonomics menu on page 42
Eco menu on page 44
System menu on page 38
The OSD menu languages may differ from the product supplied to your region, see Language on page 39 under
System and OSD Settings for more details.
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