19 Getting the most from your BenQ monitor
Getting the most from your BenQ monitor
To gain the most benefit from your new BenQ LCD monitor, you should install the custom
BenQ LCD Monitor driver software as provided on the BenQ LCD Monitor CD-ROM.
The circumstances under which you connect and install your BenQ LCD Monitor will
determine which process you need to follow to successfully install the BenQ LCD Monitor
driver software. These circumstances relate to which version of Microsoft Windows you are
using, and whether you are connecting the monitor and installing the software onto a new
computer (without existing monitor driver software), or whether you are upgrading an existing
installation (which already has existing monitor driver software) with a newer monitor.
In either case however, the very next time you turn on your computer (after connecting the
monitor to your computer), Windows will automatically recognize the new (or different)
hardware, and will launch its Found New Hardware wizard.
Follow the wizard instructions until it asks you to select a monitor model. At that point, click
the Have Disk button, insert the BenQ LCD Monitor CD-ROM and select the appropriate
monitor model. Further details and step-by-step instructions for either an automatic (new) or
upgrade (existing) installation, see:
How to install the monitor on a new computer on page 20.
How to upgrade the monitor on an existing computer on page 21.
• If you require a User Name and Password to login to your Windows computer, you must be logged on as an
Administrator or as a member of the Administrators group in order to install the monitor driver software.
Furthermore, if your computer is connected to a network which has security access requirements, network
policy settings may prevent you from installing software on your computer.
• To check the name of the purchased model, refer to the specification label on the back of the monitor.
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