18 How to assemble your monitor hardware
Using the monitor wall mounting kit
The back of your LCD monitor has a VESA standard mount with 100mm pattern, allowing the
installation of a wall mount bracket. Before starting to install a monitor wall mounting kit,
please read the precautions carefully.
• Install your monitor and monitor mounting kit on a wall with flat surface.
• Ensure that the wall material is stable to support the weight of the monitor.
• Turn off the monitor and the power before disconnecting the cables from the LCD monitor.
1. Remove the monitor base.
Lay the screen face down on a clean and well-padded
surface. Detach the monitor stand as instructed in step
1~2 in How to detach the stand base on page 13.
2. Remove the monitor stand.
Use a cross-pointed screwdriver to release the screws
on the back cover. The use of a magnetic-head
screwdriver is recommended to avoid of losing the
In case you intend to use your monitor on the stand in the
future, please keep the monitor base, monitor stand, and
screws somewhere safe for future use.
3. Follow the instruction manuals of the wall mount bracket you purchased to
complete the installation.
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