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Tools Required for Assembling the Bench: Two Adjustable Wrenches and Allen
NOTE: It is strongly recommended that this equipment is assembled by two or more
people to avoid possible injury.
Ensure Carriage Bolts are inserted through the SQUARE holes on components that need to
be assembled. Attach washer only to end of the Carriage Bolt.
Use Allen Bolts or Hex Bolts inserted through the ROUND hole on components that need to
be assembled.
Always wait until all bolts are assembled onto the bench before tightening the bolts. Do not
tighten each bolt right after it is installed
Fasten Nuts and Bolts
Securely tighten all Nuts and Bolts after all
components have been assembled in current and
previous steps.
NOTE: Do not over tighten any component with
pivoting function.
Make sure all pivoting components are able to move
Do not tighten all Nuts and Bolts in this step.
1. Lubricate moving parts with WD-40 or light oil periodically.
2. Inspect and tighten all parts before using the equipment.
3. The equipment can be cleaned using a damp cloth and mild non-abrasive detergent.
DO NOT use solvents.
4. Examine the equipment regularly for signs of damages or wear.
5. Replace any defective components immediately and/or keep the equipment out of use until
6. Failure to examine regularly may affect the safety level of the equipment.
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