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Beginning a Strength Building Program
Warming Up
To begin strength training, it is important to stretch and perform light exercise for 5 to 10 minutes.
This helps prepare the body for more strenuous exercise by increasing circulation, raising your body
temperature and developing more oxygen to your muscles.
Each workout to keep in mind that muscle soreness that lasts for a long period in not desirable and
may mean that injury has occurred.
Cool Down
At the end of each workout, perform slow stretching exercises for 5 to 10 minutes. Ease into each
stretch only going as far as you can. This stage allows your muscles wind down after training.
To provide a total workout program it is also recommended that 2 to 3 days of aerobic exercise is
performed in addition to the strength training.
Drinking Water
For the body to function properly, it must be properly hydrated. If you are exercising, you should
increase your fluid intake. The reason for this is that the water you take in will leave your system
through the sweating mechanism that cools your body during exercise. The water you lose through
exercise must be replaced so that the muscles can recover properly.
Rest Day
Although you may not feel like doing it, taking a rest day at least once a week is important because it
gives you body a chance to heal it self. Continuously working your muscle will result in over training
which will not benefit in the long run.
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