Warranty conditions
The warranty conditions commence from the date of
purchase. Warranty conditions may vary per country,
so please consult your local dealer for the warranty
Warranty coverage
Under no circumstances shall Tunturi New Fitness
BV or the Tunturi Distributor be liable by virtue of
this warranty or otherwise for any special, indirect,
secondary or consequential damages of any nature
arising out of any use or inability to use this equipment.
Warranty limitations
This warranty covers manufacturing defects in the
fitness equipment as originally packed by Tunturi
New Fitness BV. The warranty shall apply only under
conditions of normal, recommended use of the product
as described in the Owner’s Manual and providing that
Tunturi New Fitness BV’s instructions for installation,
maintenance and use have been complied with. Neither
Tunturi New Fitness BV’s nor the Tunturi Distributors’
obligations apply to defects due to reasons beyond
their control. The warranty applies only to the original
purchaser and is valid only in countries where Tunturi
New Fitness BV has an authorised importer. The
warranty does not extend to fitness equipment or
components that have been modified without the
consent of Tunturi New Fitness BV. Defects resulting
from normal wear, misuse, abuse, corrosion, or damage
incurred during loading or transportation are not
The warranty does not cover sounds or noises emitted
during use where these do not substantially impede the
use of the equipment and where they are not caused
by a fault in the equipment. The warranty does not
cover defects arising from the failure to carry periodic
maintenance as outlined within the Owner’s Manual
for the product. Furthermore, the warranty does not
cover defects arising from usage and storage within
an unsuitable environment as described within the
Owner’s Manual which should be indoors, dry, dust
and grit free and within a temperature range of +15°C
to +35°C. The warranty does not cover maintenance
activities, such as cleaning, lubricating, and normal part
adjustments, nor installation
procedures that customers can accomplish themselves,
such as changing uncomplicated meters, pedals and
other similar parts not requiring any dismantling/
reassembling of the fitness equipment. Warranty
repairs carried out by other than authorised Tunturi
representatives are not covered.
Failure to follow the instructions given in the Owner’s
Manual will invalidate the product’s warranty.
Declaration of the
Tunturi New Fitness BV declares that the product is in
conformity with the following standards and directives:
EN 957 (HB), 89/336/EEC. The product therefore carries
the CE label.
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