- You can stop exercising by pressing RESET when
the console is in the pause mode.
- If you have set a goal value, the console gives a
signal and the displayed value starts blinking after
the goal has been reached. Reset the display by
first pressing START/ STOP and thereafter RESET.
Exercise profiles
- After the console is switched on, press + or - key
until the display shows a profile code (P1-P8) and
the profile form. All profiles are so called standard
power profiles: the faster you row, the faster you
move forward in distance measured by the meter.
All of the preprogrammed profiles are 20 minutes in
- Select the desired profile by the + / - keys. Press
MODE to switch to setting the exercise profile
duration; with the + / - keys you can set the time
in five minutes increments between 10 and 90
- Start exercising by pressing START/STOP. Start
rowing. With the + /- keys, you can change the
resistance level in the section of the profile you are
performing at the moment. The + key increases the
resistance; the - key decreases it.
- You can interrupt the exercise by pressing START/
STOP (”Over” is shown in the display). The program
information stays in the console memory for five
minutes. If you
- resume with training within this time, simply press
the START/STOP key again to continue.
- You can stop exercising by pressing RESET when
the console is in the pause mode. If you complete
the whole profile, the console gives a signal tune
and the displayed value starts blinking after the
goal has been reached.
Reset the display by first pressing START/STOP and
thereafter RESET.
Measure your recovery pulse rate at the end of the
- To start the measuring of the recovery pulse rate,
press RECOVERY. The display also shows the word
- The measuring starts automatically and takes two
- Upon completion of the measurement, the display
shows the recovery rate as a percentage. The
smaller the rate, the fitter you are. Please note
that your results are in a relation to the pulse
level in the beginning of the measurement, and
that your results are personal and cannot directly
be compared with any other person’s results. In
order to improve the reliability of recovery pulse
measurement, always try to standardize the
measurement situation as accurately as possible;
start measuring at the same heart rate level as
precisely as possible.
- To switch back to the main display by pressing
RESET. The console will also automatically switch to
the main display one minute after the completion of
the measurement.
Cleaning and maintenance
The equipment does not require special maintenance.
The equipment does not require recalibration when
it is assembled, used and serviced according to the
Do not use solvents to clean the equipment.
Clean the equipment with a soft, absorbent cloth
after each use.
Regularly check that all screws and nuts
are tight.
If necessary, lubricate the joints.
Clean the inner surfaces of the rail if necessary so
that the seat moves as smoothly and quietly as
possible. If necessary, you may improve the seat
movement by adding paraffin to the surface of
the rails..
Defects and malfunctions
Despite continuous quality control, defects and
malfunctions caused by individual parts can occur in the
equipment. In most cases, it will be sufficient to replace
the defective part.
- If the equipment does not function properly,
immediately contact the dealer.
- Provide the model number and the serial number of
the equipment to the dealer. State the nature of the
problem, conditions of use and purchase date.
Transport and storage
Carry and move the equipment with at least two
Remain standing in front of the equipment
on each side and take a sturdy grip at the
handlebars. Tilt the front of the equipment
so as to lift the rear of the equipment on the
wheels. Move the equipment and carefully put
the equipment down. Place the equipment on a
protective base to prevent damage to the floor
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