Turning the VIZIO Logo On or Off
The VIZIO logo on the front of your TV is set to light up when the TV
is on. You can change this setting if you prefer the logo to be off.
When the TV is off, the VIZIO logo will be a dim orange
color. This is not affected by the LED Logo Settings
To turn the VIZIO light on or off:
1. Press the MENU button on the remote. The on-screen menu is
2. Use the Arrow buttons on the remote to highlight the
Settings icon and press OK. The Settings menu is displayed.
3. Highlight LED Logo Settings and press OK.
4. Use the Up/Down Arrow buttons to select On or Off, then
press OK.
You can use the TV’s Help menu to:
Display system information
Reset the TV settings
Restore the TV to its factory
default settings
Get guided setup help for
the tuner and network
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