Chapter 1. Getting to know your computer
Integrated camera Use the camera for video communication.
Wireless LAN antennas
Connect to a wireless LAN adapter to send and receive wireless radio signals.
Multi-touch screen The LCD display with LED backlight provides brilliant visual output.
Multi-touch function is available on this display.
Speaker Provides audio output.
Power button Press this button to turn on the computer.
Note: There will be a 0.5 second delay between pushing the power button and the system powering on.
Built-in microphone Captures sound which can be used for video conferencing, voice
narration, or audio recording.
Touchpad The touchpad functions as a conventional mouse.
Touchpad: To move the pointer on the screen, slide your fingertip over
the pad in the direction in which you want the pointer to move.
Touchpad buttons: The functions of the left/right side correspond to
that of the left/right mouse button on a conventional mouse.
Note: You can enable/disable the touchpad by pressing F6 ( ).
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