Use adequate lighting for the type of work you are performing.
Use the monitor brightness, contrast controls, if equipped to optimize the image
on your screen to meet your visual preferences.
Keep your monitor screen clean so you can focus on the screen’s contents.
Any concentrated and sustained visual activity can be tiring for your eyes. Be sure to
periodically look away from your monitor screen and focus on a far object to allow
your eye muscles to relax. If you have questions on eye fatigue or visual discomfort,
consult a vision care specialist for advice.
Quick tips for healthy work habits
The following information is a summary of some important factors to consider to help
you remain comfortable and productive while you use your computer.
Good posture starts with equipment setup: The layout of your work area and the
setup of your computer equipment have a large effect on your posture while
using your computer. Be sure to optimize the position and orientation of your
equipment by following the tips outlined in "Arranging your work area"on page
2-1 so you can maintain a comfortable and productive posture. Also, be sure to
use the adjustment capabilities of your computer components and office furniture
to best suit your preferences now and as your preferences change over time.
Minor changes in posture can help avoid discomfort: The longer you sit and
work with your computer, the more important it is to observe your working
posture. Avoid assuming any one posture for an extended period of time.
Periodically make minor modifications in your posture to help deter any
discomforts that might arise. Make use of any adjustments that your office
furniture or equipment provide to accommodate changes in posture.
Short, periodic breaks help ensure healthy computing: Because computing is
primarily a static activity, it is particularly important to take short breaks from
your work. Periodically, stand up from your work area, stretch, walk for a drink
of water, or otherwise take a short break from using your computer. A short break
from work gives your body a welcome change in posture and helps to ensure you
remain comfortable and productive while you do work.
Accessibility information
Lenovo is committed to providing greater access to information and technology to
people with disabilities. With assistive technologies, users can access information in
the way most appropriate to their disability. Some of these technologies are already
provided in your operating system; others can be purchased through vendors or
accessed at:
Chapter 2. 2-2
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