4. For computer in DisplayPort connecting.
Note:Lenovo recommends that customers who require to use the DP Cable on
their monitor purchase the " Lenovo DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable 0A36537 "
5. For computer in USB 3.0 connecting.
Note: In some circumstances when using USB 3.0 devices (hard drives or flash drives)
and 2.4GHz USB wireless devices(for example wireless mouse, keyboard, or
headphone) at the same time ,USB 3.0 devices radio frequency interference may
impact on 2.4GHz USB wireless devices, result in a drop in throughput on the
wireless transmission. User may feel delayed response to mouse or keyboard inputs,
missing keyboard characters or mouse commands, decreased operating distance
between the 2.4 GHz USB wireless device and its receiver. Please refer to the
following ways which helps to reduce this radio frequency interference.
1. Wireless dongle was moved away from the USB 3.0 device as possible as you can.
2. If the USB wireless receiver and USB 3.0 device have to be connected at the same
side, Position your USB wireless receiver as close as possible to your wireless
peripheral device (mouse, keyboard, headphones, etc.) Or use a standard USB-
Chapter 1. 1-6
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