Introduction 7
Projector features
The projector integrates high-performance optical engine projection and a user-friendly
design to deliver high reliability and ease of use.
The projector offers the following features.
Network Settings allowing management of projector status from a computer using a web
Short throw lens to create larger images with less distance between the projector and the
Microphone jack to output the sound through the projector speaker
USB MINI-B jack to display computer signal through a USB cable
USB TYPE-A jack to present images stored on a USB flash drive
3D function to enjoy the 3D movies, videos, and sporting events in a more realistic way
by presenting the depth of the images
Closed captioning to display the dialogue, narration, and sound effects of TV programs
and videos
• Variable audio output
Wall color correction allowing projection on surfaces of several predefined colors
Quick auto search speeding up the signal detecting process
Selectable password protected function
3D color management allowing color adjustments to your liking
Selectable quick cooling function making the projector cool in a shorter time
FAQ to troubleshoot operational problems with one quick key press
Presentation timer for better control of time during presentations
One-key auto-adjustment to display the best picture quality
Digital keystone correction to correct distorted images
Adjustable color balance control for data/video display
Multi-language On-Screen Display (OSD) menus
Switchable normal and economic modes to reduce the power consumption
Built-in speakers providing mixed mono audio when an audio input is connected
Component HDTV compatibility (YPbPr)
The apparent brightness of the projected image will vary depending on the ambient
lighting conditions, selected input signal contrast/brightness settings, and is directly
proportional to projection distance.
The lamp brightness will decline over time and may vary within the lamp manufacturers
specifications. This is normal and expected behavior.
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