Important safety instructions 5
Safety Instructions (Continued)
13. Do not place this projector in any of the
following environments.
- Space that is poorly ventilated or
confined. Allow at least 50 cm clearance
from walls and free flow of air around
the projector.
- Locations where temperatures may
become excessively high, such as the
inside of a car with all windows rolled
- Locations where excessive humidity,
dust, or cigarette smoke may
contaminate optical components,
shorten the projector's life span and
darken the image.
- Locations near fire alarms
- Locations with an ambient temperature
above 40°C / 104°F
- Locations where the altitudes are higher
than 3000 m (10000 feet).
14. Do not block the ventilation holes.
- Do not place this projector on a blanket,
bedding or any other soft surface.
- Do not cover this projector with a cloth
or any other item.
- Do not place inflammables near the
If the ventilation holes are seriously
obstructed, overheating inside the
projector may result in a fire.
15. Always place the projector on a level,
horizontal surface during operation.
- Do not use if tilted at an angle of more
than 10 degrees left to right, nor at angle
of more than 15 degrees front to back.
Using the projector when it is not fully
horizontal may cause a malfunction of,
or damage to, the lamp.
16. Do not stand the projector on end
vertically. Doing so may cause the
projector to fall over, causing injury or
resulting in damage to the projector.
3000 m
(10000 feet)
0 m
(0 feet)
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