Displaying images through Q Presenter
Downloading and installing Q Presenter
Q Presenter is an application running on the host PC. It helps connect your computer to an
available network projector and transfer the desktop contents to the network projector via
local network connection.
1. Enter the main page of the Projector Network Display System. See steps 1-2 on page 38
for details.
2. Click the Download icon.
3. When the download is complete, install the software to your computer by clicking the
exe file. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
4. Launch Q Presenter.
Using Q Presenter
1. The Search page allows you to search and connect to a projector.
To connect to a projector, type the projector IP address and click Connect.
To search for projectors, simply click Search to list all the projectors on the same
local area network. Click the desired projectors in the Search result list, and click
Connect. You can also type a desired projector name and click Search.
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