Operation 21
Adjusting the projected image
Adjusting the projection angle
The projector is equipped with 2 adjuster feet. These adjusters change the image height and
projection angle. To adjust the projector:
Screw the rear adjuster feet to fine-tune the
horizontal angle.
To retract the foot, screw the rear adjuster feet in a
reverse direction.
If the projector is not placed on a flat surface or the
screen and the projector are not perpendicular to
each other, the projected image becomes trapezoidal.
To correct this situation, see "Correcting keystone"
on page 22 for details.
Auto-adjusting the image
In some cases, you may need to optimize the picture quality. To do this, press AUTO on the
projector or remote control. Within 3 seconds, the built-in Intelligent Auto Adjustment
function will re-adjust the values of Frequency and Clock to provide the best picture quality.
The current source information will be displayed in the corner of the screen for 3 seconds.
The screen will be blank while AUTO is functioning.
This function is only available when PC signal (analog RGB) is selected.
Fine-tuning the image clarity
Sharpen the image by rotating the focus ring.
Do not look into the lens while
the lamp is on. The strong light
from the lamp may cause
damage to your eyes.
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