Connection 17
Many notebooks do not turn on their external video ports when connected to a projector.
Usually a key combo like FN + F3 or CRT/LCD key turns the external display on/off. Locate
a function key labeled CRT/LCD or a function key with a monitor symbol on the notebook.
Press FN and the labeled function key simultaneously. Refer to your notebook's
documentation to find your notebook's key combination.
The D-Sub output only works when an appropriate D-Sub input is made to the COMPUTER
1 jack.
If you wish to use this connection method when the projector is in standby mode, make
sure the Monitor Out function is turned on in the SYSTEM SETUP: Advanced menu. See
"Standby Settings" on page 58 for details.
Connecting video source devices
You need only connect the projector to a video source device using just one of the
connecting methods, however each provides a different level of video quality. The method
you choose will most likely depend upon the availability of matching terminals on both the
projector and the video source device as described below:
Connecting audio
The projector has two built-in mono speakers which are designed to provide basic audio
functionality accompanying data presentations for business purposes only. They are not
designed for, nor intended for stereo audio reproduction use as might be expected in home
theater or home cinema applications. Any stereo audio input (if provided), is mixed into a
common mono audio output through the projector speakers.
The built-in speaker will be muted when the AUDIO OUT jack is connected.
The projector is only capable of playing mixed mono audio, even if a stereo audio input is
connected. See "Connecting audio" on page 17 for details.
If the selected video image is not displayed after the projector is turned on and the correct
video source has been selected, check that the video source device is turned on and
operating correctly. Also check that the signal cables have been connected correctly.
Terminal name Terminal appearance Picture quality
Component Video Better
S-Video Good
Video Normal
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