Introduction 7
Projector features
The projector offers the following features
SmartEco™ starts your dynamic power saving
The SmartEco™ technology offers a new way of operating the projector lamp system
and saves lamp power depending on the content brightness level.
Longest lamp life with SmartEco™ technology
The SmartEco™ technology lowers the power consumption and increases the lamp
ECO BLANK saves the lamp power
Pressing the ECO BLANK button to hide the image and immediately lower the lamp
power at the same time.
Less than 0.5W in standby condition
Less than 0.5W power consumption under standby mode.
Filter Free
Filter free design to lower maintenance and operating costs.
One-key auto-adjustment
Pressing AUTO on the keypad or remote control to show the best picture quality
Built-in speaker(s)
Built-in speaker(s) providing mixed mono audio when an audio input is connected
Quick Cooling, Auto Power Off, Signal Power On, Direct Power On
Quick Cooling function speeds up the cooling process when turning off the
projector. Auto Power Off function allows the projector to turn off automatically if
no input signal is detected after a set period of time. Signal Power On function turns
on your projector automatically once detecting the signal input and Direct Power
On boots up the projector automatically when the power is connected.
Instant Restart
Selectable Instant Restart function enables you to restart the projector immediately
within 90 seconds after turning it off.
3D Function supported
Various 3D formats make the 3D function more flexible. By presenting the depth of the
images, you can wear BenQ 3D glassed to enjoy the 3D movies, videos and sporting
events in a more realistic way.
The apparent brightness of the projected image will vary depending on the ambient lighting conditions,
selected input signal contrast/brightness settings, and is directly proportional to projection distance.
The lamp brightness will decline over time and may vary within the lamp manufacturers specifications. This
is normal and expected behavior.
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