If you experience trouble with your camera, try the following solutions.
Please understand that you give your consent that the contents of the internal memory may be
checked when you send your camera to be repaired.
The batteries run down too quickly.
You are using the camera in an extremely cold location.
The batteries are dead. Replace them with new ones.
When using the Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries (not supplied), charge them sufficiently.
When using alkaline batteries/Oxy Nickel Primary Battery (not supplied), the displayed time
remaining may not be correctly indicated.
The power turns off suddenly.
If you do not operate the camera for about three minutes while the power is on, the camera
turns off automatically to prevent wearing down the batteries. Turn on the camera again.
Camera power is turned off automatically when you open the battery/“Memory
Stick Duo” cover.
This is not a malfunction. Turn off the camera before you open the battery/“Memory Stick
Duo” cover.
1Check the items on pages 22 to 24. Refer to “Troubleshooting” in the
“Cyber-shot Handbook” regarding unlisted items on these pages.
2Remove the batteries, and insert the batteries again after about one
minute, and turn on the power.
3Initialize the settings. Go to the (Setup) setting in the MENU, and then
select [Initialize] in (Setup1).
4Consult your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony service facility.
Batteries and power
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