Printing images
1Connect the camera to the printer.
2Turn on your camera and the printer.
The camera is set to playback mode, then an image and the print menu appear on the
Regardless of what the mode dial is set to, the print menu appears when you complete Stage 2.
The following procedure describes how to print the image appearing on the screen after the
USB cable is connected.
1Select [This image] with v/V on the control button, then press z.
2Select print settings with v/V/b/B.
3Select [OK] with V/B, then press z.
The image is printed.
If the (PictBridge Connecting) icon appears on the screen, do not disconnect the USB cable.
To print other images
Select [Select] in step 1.
Selects images and prints all the selected images.
1Select the image you want to print with b/B, then press z.
The mark appears on the selected image.
To select other images, repeat this procedure.
2Select [Print] with V, then press z.
Stage 2: Connecting the camera to the printer
Stage 3: Printing
USB cable
2To the (USB) jack
1To the USB jack
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