a. Make sure all preparation steps are completed.
b. Determine your ceiling height to see if you need an extension.
i. Hood unit (with glass) height = 3-1/4(30‖ model only)
ii. Hood unit (with glass) height = 4-1/4 (36‖ model only)
iii. Hood unit (with glass) height = 6” (42‖ model only)
iv. Standard DC height = 16-1/2(lower) + 22-3/4(upper)
v. Minimumheight (Standard duct cover only) = 22-3/4
vi. Maximum height (Standard duct cover only) = 35
vii. (OPTIONAL) HILDC height = 22-3/4” (lower) + 36-1/4” (upper)
viii. (OPTIONAL) Long DC minimum height =40
ix. (OPTIONAL) Long DC maximum height =57-1/2”
x. (OPTIONAL) HISDC height =36” (lower) +57-1/2” (upper)
xi. (OPTIONAL) Special DC Minimum height =60”
xii. (OPTIONAL) Special DC Maximum height =74”
xiii. Standard Installation = Hood + standard DC
xiv. 9’ – 11’ Installation = Hood + Long DC
xv. 11’ – 12’ Installation = Hood + Special DC
c. Determine the location you want to install the range hood. (Fig. 2a)
d. Prepare ceiling and locate wood support.
e. Mount the unit upper support frameto the ceiling.
f. Cut a 7‖ round opening at the ceiling for ducting pipe.
g. Adjust the (4) arms to desired height.(Fig. 2b)
h. Attach upper duct cover to upper support frame.
i. Use a spirit level to ensure the balance of the support frame is true.
j. Slide lower duct cover toward ceiling and hold.(Fig. 2c)
k. Install ducting through the ceiling.
l. Secure hood from all sides with the (8) screws.(Fig. 2d)
m. Installation is complete when hood is securely in place. (Fig. 2e)
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