Check to make sure all power sources are disconnected
before starting any troubleshooting. Safety gloves and glasses
should be worn when working on the unit. Serious injury or death
may occur if safety precautions are not followed.
HI Series
Light issue LED (All not
turning on)
1. Locate and Replace defective Fixture (All Fixtures run on
same circuit.
2. New Transformer/ Driver replacement may be required
HalogenLight Issue
1.Replace burnt 20w light bulb
2. Complete Halogen Light Fixture Replacement may be
Halogen Light Issue (All Not
turning on)
1. Replace defective Halogen Transformers with new
Transformers (2 Total)
Speed Levels/Controls not
working correctly
1. Complete control switch replacement may be required.
Burnt/melted control switch
1. Complete control switch replacement is required.
Speed levels not working
1. Ensure all Wiring from Control Switch and Top Junction
Box are correctly connected.
2. Complete Capacitor replacement may be required.
Unit lacking smoke intake
1. Check ducting for foreign object.
2. Ensure the ducting is properly sealed.
3. Clean filters to increase airflow.
Unit showing no power
1. Ensure power source is working properly.
2. Ensure all Wiring from Control Switch and Top Junction
Box are correctly connected.
Unit making humming noise
/ motor not starting
1. Replace defective capacitor with new one.
2. Check / replace defective motor.
Load Grinding or Noise like
sound coming from motor
1. Ensure Articles have not fallen into Motor Housing
2. Complete Motor/Motor Housing may be required.
Defective LED Fixture
1. Replace LED Fixture with New LED Fixture
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