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Before you begin, thoroughly familiarize yourself with the control panel, remote control and all of
the functions. Follow the symbol for the desired function. The unit can be controlled by the unit
control panel alone or with the remote control.
Power Control
Turns the unit on and off.
Turns the timer function on and off.
Warning Light
Condensation water may accumulate in the unit. If the
internal reservoir becomes full, the warning light and the
STOP light will come on and the unit will stop until the
water is drained.
Timer / Temperature Set Control
Adjusts set thermostat temperature and timer.
The display temperature is the set temperature.
NOTE: This unit is capable of displaying set temperature
in Fahrenheit or in Celsius. To convert from one to the
other, press and hold the Up and Down buttons for 3
Mode Control
Controls the 3 function modes: COOL, DEHUMIDIFY
and Fan only.
Fan Speed Control
Controls the 3 fan speeds: High, Medium & Low.
NOTE: Unit does not need to be vented in Fan mode
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