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Possible Causes
The portable air
conditioner does not
turn on
Power failure / outage.
The automatic switch, line
fuse, or breaker has been
The power supply voltage is
too low.
The power cord is damaged.
The L.C.D.I. power plug for
the unit is tripped.
The internal water reservoir
is full.
Possible loose connection
Internal fuse has blown
Restore the power supply.
Flip the switch / change the fuse / turn the breaker
back on. Also note that you may have too many
appliances drawing power on one circuit, you may
need to move the other appliances to another
Move the unit onto another circuit with the correct
Contact Whynter Service Department. Only
authorized personnel should replace damaged
power cord or power plug.
Press the Reset button on the L.C.D.I. power plug.
Drain water from the air conditioner.
Contact Whynter Service Department
The unit turns on but
the compressor does
not turn on (the fan
runs but the unit is not
The room temperature is
outside of the operational
tolerances of the unit.
The Cooling mode is not on.
The compressor has not
turned on yet because of its
time delay.
The set temperature is too
The internal water reservoir
is full.
This unit is designed to work in ambient
temperatures of 64°F to 95°F.
Press the MODE button until the COOL light is
shown on the display.
Give the compressor 3 minutes to turn on after the
Cooling mode has been selected.
Set the air conditioner to a lower temperature. It is
recommended to set the temperature to at least
5°F of the ambient temperature.
Either manually drain the water by removing the
drain plug or allow the unit to exhaust the water
itself by running the fan only mode. Then cooling
will resume.
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