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Model ARC-141BG
Cooling capacity 14,000 BTU
Power supply 115v/ 60Hz
Maximum power input 1250 Watts
Maximum input 10.8 Amps
Dehumidifying capacity 101 Pts / Day
Thermostat 61°F to 89°F
Refrigerant R-410A
Air flow (max.) 360 m3/ Hour
Fan speeds 3 (H, M, L)
Unit Dimensions 19” W x 16” D x 35.5” H
Unit Weight 80 lbs
1. Keep the exhaust hose as short and straight as possible
The exhaust hose removes heat from the room. It should remain as short and straight as possible
without sharp bends or twists to maximize efficiency. If the exhaust hose must be extended, do not
exceed 9’.
2. Turn the air conditioner on early
Turning the air conditioner on early instead of waiting until the hottest point of the day will allow the
unit to be more effective. The air conditioner will not have to work as hard to cool the room down and
maintain the set temperature.
3. Reduce heat sources
Direct sunlight, televisions, computers and other heat generating appliances work against the air
conditioner by introducing heat into the space.
• Close window curtains and blinds to keep direct sunlight out
• Close doors and windows
• Keep ovens and stoves off
• Turn off unused lights
• Add weather stripping around windows and doors
4. Keep the air filter clean
Regular cleaning will help keep your air conditioner working properly. Dusty filters and vents greatly
reduce the airflow and efficiency of the unit.
• Clean the washable pre-filter regularly
• Replace the activated carbon filter every 2-3 weeks depending on use
• Vacuum any accumulated dust from around all vents
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