Introduction 13
10. Temperature warning light
Lights up red if the projector's
temperature becomes too high. See
"Indicators" on page 56 for details.
11. Lamp indicator light
Indicates the status of the lamp. Lights
up or flashes when the lamp has
developed a problem. See "Indicators"
on page 56 for details.
12. AUTO
Automatically determines the best
picture timings for the displayed
image. See "Auto-adjusting the image"
on page 30 for details.
Sequentially selects the input signal D-
Sub/Comp. (Component Video),
Video, or S-Video. See "Switching
input signal" on page 29 for details.
14. MODE/enter
Depending upon which input signal is
selected, selects an available picture
setup mode. See "Selecting a picture
mode" on page 33 for details.
Enacts the selected On-Screen Display
(OSD) menu item. See "Using the
menus" on page 44 for details.
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