Using the projector
Turning the projector off
To turn the projector off, press POWER ( ) on the projector or
OFF on the remote control and a warning message appears. Press
POWER () or OFF again.
The Power indicator light flashes orange and the fans run for
about two minutes to cool the lamp. The projector will not
respond to any commands until the cooling process is complete.
Then, the Power indicator light is a steady orange once the
cooling process has finished and fans stop.
If the projector will not be used for an extended period, unplug
the power cable from the power outlet.
To protect the lamp, the projector will not respond to any
commands during the cooling process.
Lamp life results will vary depending on environmental conditions
and usage.
If you attempt to re-start the projector shortly after shutdown,
the fans may run for a few minutes to cool down. Press Power
again to start the projector after the fans stop and the Power
indicator light turns orange.
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