15 Getting the most from your BenQ monitor
How to upgrade the monitor on an existing computer
This instruction details the procedure for manually updating the existing monitor driver software
on your Microsoft Windows computer. It is currently tested as compatible for Windows XP,
Windows Vista, and Windows 7 Operating System (OS).
The BenQ LCD Monitor driver for your model may well function perfectly with other versions of Windows,
however, as at the time of writing, BenQ has done no testing of this driver on other versions of Windows
and cannot guarantee its operation on those systems.
Installing monitor driver software involves selecting an appropriate information file (.inf) on the
BenQ LCD Monitor CD-ROM for the particular model monitor you have connected, and letting
Windows install the corresponding driver files from the CD. You need only steer it in the right
direction. Windows has an Upgrade Device Driver Wizard to automate the task and guide you
through the file selection and installation process.
How to install on Windows 7 system on page 16.
How to install on Windows Vista systems on page 17.
How to install on Windows XP system on page 18.
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