10 How to assemble your monitor hardware
5. Connect the power cable to the monitor.
Plug one end of the power cord into the socket labelled
‘POWER IN’ on the rear of the monitor. Do not connect
the other end to a power outlet just yet.
6. Route the cables via the cable clip.
Release the cable retaining clip by squeezing the clip
inwards as illustrated.
Position the cables together and re-insert the clip over
them to retain the cables neatly in place behind the
monitor stand.
7. Install the headphone hook (optional step).
You can install the headphone hook to place your
headphone. It is useful when your headphone is not in use.
I. Hold and insert the two tabs of the headphone hook into
the two slots (part of the vents).
These two slots are located under the two inverted
triangles (picture shown on the right).
II. When you hear the click, the hook is attached to the
vents and is ready to use.
The maximum load capacity of the headphone hook is
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