13 How to assemble your monitor hardware
4. Connect USB Devices.
I. Connect the USB cable between the PC and the monitor
(via the upstream USB port at the back). This upstream
USB port transmits data between the PC and the USB
devices connected to the monitor.
II. Connect USB devices via other USB ports
(downstream) on the monitor. These downstream USB
ports transmit data between connected USB devices and
the upstream port.
See picture on the right.
III. You can plug 2 more USB devices to the USB ports
(downstream) found on the left side of the monitor.
See picture on the right.
5. Connect the power cable to the monitor.
Plug one end of the power cord into the socket labelled
‘POWER IN’ on the rear of the monitor. Do not connect
the other end to a power outlet just yet.
6. Route the cables via the cable clip.
Release the cable retaining clip by squeezing the clip
inwards as illustrated.
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