Safety Precautions
In the event of leakage:
- Avoid open flames and anything which creates a spark
- Disconnect from the mains
- Air the room in which the appliance is located for several minutes and contact the Service Department for
Use two or more people to move and install the appliance. Failure to do so can result in injury.
All repairs, disassembly and modifications should be performed only by qualified technicians. Attempting to
perform this yourself could result in fire, malfunction or injury.
Never splash water directly onto the product or wash it with water without unplugging, as a short circuit
could result.
Never put flammable or volatile substances into the unit as explosion and fire could result.
To ensure proper ventilation for your appliance, the front of the appliance must be completely unobstructed.
Choose a well-ventilated area with temperatures above 60°F (16°C) and below 90°F (32°C). This appliance
must be installed in an area protected from the element, such as wind, rain, water spray or drips.
The appliance should not be located next to ovens, grills or other sources of high heat.
The appliance must be installed with all electrical connections in accordance with state and local codes.
The fuse (or circuit breaker) size should be 15 amperes.
Use a dedicated wall outlet. Do not use an extension cord or multiple-outlet adapter as this could result in
electrical shock, overheating and fire.
It is important for the appliance to be leveled in order to work properly. For a stable installation, make sure
the appliance is placed on a flat, level and solid surface.
Ensure that the surface on which the appliance is placed is strong enough to hold the appliance and the
items stored inside.
This appliance is not intended for use by young children or physically-challenged persons without
supervision/assistance. Young children must be supervised to ensure safety around this or any appliance.
Do not use solvent-based cleaning agents of abrasives on the interior. These cleaners may damage or
discolor the interior.
Keep fingers out of the “pinch point” areas. Clearance between the door and cabinet are necessarily small.
Be careful closing the door when children are in the area.
This appliance is designed for storing and cooling beverages. If food is stored inside, ensure that there is
sufficient airflow between items. Please note that the temperature range for this appliance is optimized for
beverage storage. Perishable food items may require a different storage environment.
Do not place hot food or beverages into the appliance.
Close the beverage refrigerator door immediately after putting in any items to keep the internal temperature
relatively constant.
Avoid placing any objects on top of the appliance.
This is an electrical appliance, to avoid injury from electrical shock do not operate the unit with wet hands,
while standing on a wet surface or while standing in water.
When positioning or moving the appliance, ensure that it is not turned up side down or unleveled greater
than 45°
Never pull the power cord to disconnect it from the outlet. Grasp the plug and pull it from the outlet.
Never lift, carry or drag the appliance by the power cord.
This appliance is designed for household, non-commercial use only. Any other use will void the warranty.
Do not move this appliance without emptying it and securing the door in a closed position.
Do not plug into the power outlet before set up is completed.
Do not damage, modify, excessively bend, strain, twist or bundle the power cord. Also, placing heavy
objects on the power cord or binding it could damage the cord, possibly resulting in electrical shock or fire.
Repair or replace any cord that is frayed. Do not use a cord that shows cracks or abrasions along its length.
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