Care and Maintenance
When the beverage refrigerator is used for the first time or restarted after having been shut off for a long time,
there could be a few degrees variance between the temperature you select and the one indicated on the dis-
play. This is normal and it is due to the length of the inactivation time.
The appliance should be located in the coolest area of the room or outside location, away from heat producing
appliances, and out of any direct sunlight.
Ensure that the appliance is adequately ventilated. Never obstruct the air vents.
Close the door tightly and do not open the appliance too frequently or for a long period of time.
Store the content in an organized way.
Do not over load the appliance to allow air to circulate.
The ideal packaging for the beverage refrigerator is its original packaging. Please keep the original packaging
handy and repack the beverage refrigerator if you need to transport the unit.
Under most ambient conditions, the beverage refrigerator does not need to be defrosted. In cold ambient temper-
atures and/or high humidity, some frost may build up. To defrost, remove all items, unplug the beverage refrigera-
tor and leave the door open. Never use a knife or other metal instrument to scrape ice/frost. After defrosting, plug
in the beverage refrigerator and set the desired temperature.
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