Always unplug the unit from the outlet when not in use.
If the Main Power Switch(I) is turned “Off”, always allow at least 3 minutes, before turning it
back ”On”.
Always keep the Ice Cream Maker in an upright position to avoid reduction of cooling
There will be a variation in the time it takes for a batch of ice cream to freeze, depending on the
amount and on the temperature of ingredients used. If you want quicker results, use less
ingredients and/or refrigerate the ingredients before use.
For any faults which cannot be cleared and for further assistance and service the contact
information is shown on the next page.
110/120V-60Hz 3.30 Amp
235W or about ⅓ HP
-11F or -24C
Frozen dessert
2 Quarts+ (about 2 Liters)
Dimensions :
11’’W x 20’’L x 15’’L x 13’’H
(28cm.W x 38cm.L x 33cm. H)
16 ¼ ”W x 20”L x 17 ¾ ”H
(41cm.W x 51cm.L x 45cm. H)
Net weight:
39Lbs. (17.75Kg.)
Gross weight:
43Lbs. (19.5 Kg.)
Some user tips for your ice cream maker:
Smell coming from the churn motor is normal. The motor is working hard churning the
mixture as it thickens causing resistance. The smell is normal just as the smell from a
blender or vacuum cleaners is normal.
The "L" line on the freezing bowl marks 1/2 quart which is the minimum volume required.
The "H" line marks 1 quart which is the suggested maximum volume in case the mixture
expands after it is frozen. Please note that the H line is only a suggested line and you can
always fill the bowl to up to 4/5 full.
Our aluminum freezing bowl is approved for food safety. Since aluminum can react to
acidic solutions, the recommendation is to not store acidic foods in the freezing bowl for
long periods. We recommend removing any acidic frozen desserts from the freezing bowl
and store them in plastic containers.
Please note that our ice cream makers are a self-contained, compressor operated unit
which no pre-freezing and salt required. All you need to do is to put the refrigerated
mixture into the removable bowl and the unit will freeze the mixture.
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