Place your Ice Cream Maker on a level counter.
Make sure all Ventilation Openings (B) have a minimum clearance of 10” (25cm.) from
surrounding walls and other appliances.
Before using your SNO Ice Cream Maker, remove the Bowl (C) and Churn (H) and wash in warm
water. The Lid (E) and Motor Drive (G) are attached and should be cleaned with a damp cloth.
Do not place any part in the dishwasher. Thoroughly dry the Bowl (C) inside and outside and the
blade (H) into the Lid/ Churn motor assembly (E/G) and set aside.
Plug the Power Cord (K) into a standard electrical outlet (110/120V-60Hz).
With the Lid/Churn Motor Assembly (E/G) off, pour ingredients according to the selected recipe
into bowl (C). Replace Lid/Churn Motor Assembly (E/G).
Turn the main power Switch (I) located at the rear of the appliance on. This turns on the cooling
compressor and Timer Display Panel (J).
Next, set the required time. The Timer Display (J) will automatically display the time set from the
previous batch. To change and set the time, press the yellow timer set switch. By pressing and
releasing, single minutes can be set, pressing and holding the yellow timer set switch down, will
advance the minutes quickly. The time can be set from 0-60 minutes. Recommended time is 25-
30 minutes. The previously set time may be changed by pressing the yellow timer set switch a
second time within 6 seconds of the first setting.
Once the time has been set, press the Red Start/Stop Switch to start the Churn Blade (H).
When the set time has elapsed to “0” on the Timer Display (J), the buzzer will buzz 5 times
alerting you that the ice cream is done. Press the Red Start/Stop Switch to stop the churn.
Remove the Lid/Churn Motor Assembly (E/G) and check the ice cream. If it is ready shut the
Main Power Switch (I) and remove the ice cream. Always use plastic or wooden utensils, never
use metal to avoid damaging the Bowl (C).
The Yellow Timer Set Switch works as a timer only; it does not turn the churn or cooling motor
“Off” automatically. Both must be turned “On” and “Off” manually.
If the ice cream needs more time, do not turn “Off” the Main Power Switch (I). Place the
Lid/Churn Motor Assembly (E/G) in position, set the additional time required and press the Red
Start/Stop Switch to start the churn.
If the Churn Motor (G) was not turned “Off” after the set time elapsed, the Churn Blade (H) will
continue until the blade becomes stuck in the frozen ice cream. 30 seconds after being stuck, the
buzzer will buzz and the Timer Display (J) will flash. After 5 minutes, the Churn Motor (G) will
shut “Off” automatically preventing any damage to the motor. The buzzer and flashing display will
To, reset the machine, press the Red Start/Stop Switch and turn “Off” the Main Power Switch (I).
The churn blade and ice cream at this point will be frozen solid and will require defrosting before it
can be removed. Be careful not to damage the removable bowl.
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