Chapter 6. Function keys
The following table describes the functions of function keys and key combinations.
Table 8. Function keys
Function key and key
Mutes or unmutes the speakers.
If you mute the sound and turn off your computer, the sound will remain muted when
you turn on your computer again. To turn on the sound, press F2 or F3.
Decreases the speaker volume.
Increases the speaker volume.
Mutes or unmutes the microphones.
Darkens the display.
Brightens the display.
Switches the display output location between the computer display and an external
Enables or disables the wireless features.
For Windows 7: Opens Control Panel.
For Windows 8: Opens the Settings charm.
For Windows 7: Opens Windows Search.
For Windows 8: Opens the Search charm.
Views the programs that you have opened.
For Windows 7: Opens Computer.
For Windows 8: Views all the programs.
Launches the calculator.
Locks the operating system.
Opens the default Web browser.
Opens Computer.
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