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The air conditioner should be placed on a hard and level surface strong enough to support the
unit. The unit has casters and it should only be rolled on smooth, flat surfaces. Use caution
when rolling on carpet surfaces. Do not attempt to roll the unit over objects.
Never place any obstacles around the air inlet or outlet and allow at least 20 inch of clearance
for efficient air-conditioning.
Exhaust hose Installation
When you use this air conditioner unit, hot air must be
exhausted out of the room to complete the air
exchange of the condenser. When the unit is operating
in DRY or FAN only mode, no exhaust is required.
1. Pull out about 6” of one end of the exhaust
2. Install the flat mouth and round exhaust connector
on the exhaust hose by turning counter-clockwise.
See Fig. 18a and 18b
3. Push in the exhaust hose into the air outlet port at
the back of the unit. Fig. 19 and Fig. 20.
4. Only extend the exhaust hose to the necessary
length. We do not recommend extending the
exhaust hose more than 9' long. If you are interested
in purchasing an additional 5’ exhaust hose please
contact info@whynter.com for retail sales
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