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Your safety and the safety of others are very important to
To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock or injury when using your appliance, follow these basic precautions.
Before the appliance is used, it must be properly positioned and installed as
detailed in this manual.
Do not under any circumstances cut or remove the third (ground) prong from the power cord
Make sure this unit is connected to a correctly grounded power supply outlet. Do not use an
extension cord or power strip
The power cord is UL listed. It has a built-in L.C.D.I. (leakage, current, detection, interruption)
circuit breaker for added safety. If the power supply is interrupted, press the reset button to
reconnect the unit to power source
It is recommended to use a separate circuit that its size should be 15 Amps for the air conditioner
Do not use an excessively wet cloth, industrial solvents, oil-based products to clean this portable
air conditioner
To avoid the risk of shock, the product should never be used in bathrooms, shower rooms, or in
any other steamy or wet areas
Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable vapors and liquids in the vicinity of this or any
other appliances
Do not repair, disassemble and/or modify the unit by yourself
Always turn off the portable air conditioner when cleaning the air filter, and transporting
Do not turn this unit on and off by plugging and unplugging. Always use the ON/OFF switch
Transport the unit in an upright position only, or leave it in an upright position for at least 2 hours
before first use
Ensure curtains or other objects are not obstructing the air inlet filters
Do not bend or crush the exhaust hose while in use
Always allow at least 20” of clearance around the unit for ventilation. Do not use this unit inside
closets, cabinets and/or cramped spaces between furniture
This unit is optimized to operate in an ambient temperature of 64°F – 90°F
This unit must be installed in an area protected from the element, such as wind, rain, water spray
or drips
The unit should not be located next to ovens, grills or other sources of high heat
Always place the unit on even and hard and level surface
Do not sit or place objects on the unit
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