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The portable air conditioner can be switched on by the remote control. To transmit signals from
the remote control to the air conditioner, point the front part of the remote handset towards the
control panel on the air conditioner. Reception of the signal is confirmed by a beep. The
maximum signal transmission distance is approximately 8 meters / 26 feet.
Other appliances in the same room controlled by a remote control (TV, radio, stereo, etc.),
may cause interferences
Electronic and fluorescent lamps may interfere with the signal transmissions between the
remote control and the air conditioner
Remove the batteries if the remote control is not used for long periods
Only use two dry LR03 AAA 1.5V Batteries (included) in the remote control
Always change both batteries at the same time
To insert the batteries, open the flap on the back of the remote control by sliding if off. Strictly
adhere to the polarity signs on the bottom of the battery housing, close the flap once the batteries
have been inserted.
Button Function
On/Off Turns the unit on and off.
Mode Controls the 4 function modes:
Auto, Cool, Dry & Fan.
Fan Speed Controls the 3 fan speeds: Auto
High, Medium & Low.
Timer On Enables the On timer & set timer
Timer Off Enables the Off timer & set timer
Temp Up Increases set temperature.
Decreases set temperature.
Swing Starts or stops louver movement
and set louver angle.
Economy Enables sleep mode.
Reset Cancels all settings.
Lock Locks all settings
Turns on the display light.
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