16 | P a g e
When the water level of the bottom tray reaches
maximum level, the unit will beep 8 times and the
digital display will show P1 symbol. Also, the
cooling or dehumidifying function will stop and
the fan only function will start.
Manual drainage
To drain the water from the bottom try, carefully
move the unit to a drain location, remove the
bottom drain plug and let the water drain
(Fig.25). The P1 symbol will disappear and the
cooling or dehumidifying function can be started.
Continuous drainage
In COOL or DRY modes, remove the upper drain
plug from the back of the unit and install the drain
water hose (5/8 universal female mender) with
¾” hose. Place the open end of the hose to a
drain area. (Fig.23 & 24).
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