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Window kit Installation
When you use this air conditioner unit, hot air must be exhausted out of the room to complete
the air exchange of the condenser. When the unit is operating in fan-only mode, no exhaust is
Your window kit has been designed to fit most
standard vertical and horizontal windows.
However, it may be necessary for you to modify the
installation procedures for your window. Please
refer to Fig. 8 & Fig.9 for minimum and maximum
window openings.
NOTE: If your window opening is less than the
mentioned minimum length of the window slider kit,
cut the slide bar with hole to fit window opening.
Never cut out the hole on the window slide bar.
NOTE: When using the window kit on a window or
sliding door it will cause the window or sliding door
not to be properly closed and locked. Additional
security measurements maybe needed.
The window slide bars can be fixed with the clear
plastic bolt. Fig. 9a
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