Note: All parts removed must be saved for proper reinstallation of the door.
This appliance has the capability of the door opening from either the left or right side. The appliance is deliv-
ered to you with the door opening from the left side. Should you desire to reverse the opening direction,
please follow the following reversal instructions.
1. Remove the front ventilation grille (2) and the adjustable ventilation grille (1) by unscrewing the screws
(3) & (4). (Figure 1)
2. Remove the bottom hinge plate (5) by unscrewing the four lock screws (6). Be careful to hold the glass
door firmly after removing the screws. (Figure 2)
3. Gently pull down to remove the glass door from the right top hinge and place it on a padded surface to
avoid the risk of damage, then remove the right top hinge (7). (Figures 3 & 4)
4. Unscrew and transfer the hinge pin of the bottom hinge plate (5) to the opposite side.
5. Pop out the cover caps on the upper left side corner of the inside cabinet and use them to cover the
screw holes on the right hand side.
6. Screw the alternative left top hinge (9), included in the fittings, on the left hand side of cabinet. (Figure 4)
7. Rotate the door 180° and then relocate the door to the designated position. Then screw the bottom hinge
assembly on the left designated position and tighten it after the door is leveled. (Figure 2)
8. Reassemble the ventilation grilles.
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