Problem Possible Causes Solutions
Display flashing Set temperature has not been
It is normal for the display to flash until
the unit reaches the set temperature.
Please note that the unit may take unto
24 hours to reach the set temperature
if the cabinet is full.
Display “E0”, “E1”. “E2”,
“E3”, “E4”, “E5” or “E7”
“E0” indicates the communication
“E1” or “E2” indicates that the air
temperature sensor is failed
“E3” or “E4” indicates that the de-
frost sensor in the evaporator is
E5” indicates the defrost heater fail-
E7” indicates the door switch failure
Call for service
The icon “--” is lit up and
flashing in the temperature
The display temperature is out of
the range
Only temperatures within the range
16~99°F/-9~37°C the appliance can
display will be shown. If the tempera-
ture is not within this range, the icon “--
” will be displayed instead. That is nor-
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