Operation and Controls
NOTE: An individual’s perception of noise is directly linked to the environment in which the unit is lo-
cated, as well the specific type of models. Our appliances are in line with international standards for such ap-
pliance and in line with the latest technical developments. Please remember that the noise of the compressor
and the coolant circulating in the system is unavoidable.
Your wine refrigerator is designed with an automatic defrost system. During off-cycle, the evaporator behind
the rear wall of the unit defrosts automatically. Condensation is collected in the drain at the back of the unit
and flows through the drainage hole into the drip tray above the compressor. The heat is transferred from
compressor and evaporates any condensation that has collected in the drip tray. Part of the remaining water
within the wine refrigerator is collected for humidity purposes.
NOTE: Frost may accumulate on the evaporator if the unit is repeatedly opened in a high heat or high
humidity location. If this frost pattern does not clear within 24 hours, your unit will require manual defrosting.
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