Operation and Controls
It is recommended you install the appliance in a place where the ambient temperature is between 72º- 78ºF /
23º-26ºC. If the ambient temperature is above or below recommended temperatures, the performance of the
wine refrigerator may be affected. For example, placing your appliance in extreme cold or hot conditions may
cause interior temperatures to fluctuate.
When using the wine refrigerator for the first time or restarting after being shut off for a long period of time,
there may be a few degree variance between the set temperature and the LED readout. This is normal
due the length of activation time. The unit should return to normal after running for a few hours. This unit
will not raise its internal temperature if the ambient temperature where the unit is located is lower than the
set temperature.
To turn the appliance on/off, press and hold the power key for 5 seconds.
To increase (warm) the set temperature by 1°C or 1ºF.
To decrease (cool) the set temperature by 1°C or 1ºF.
Used to turn the internal light on/off.
Select the temperature display setting in Fahrenheit or Celsius degree. To change the temperature from
Fahrenheit to Celsius or from Celsius to Fahrenheit, press and hold the LIGHT key for 5 seconds.
Conservation 49 - 57ºF 10 - 14ºC
Red Wines 58 - 72ºF 15 - 22ºC
Dry/White Wines 48 - 57ºF 9 - 14ºC
Rose Wines 49 - 51ºF 10 - 11ºC
Sparkling Wines 40 - 47ºF 5 - 8ºC
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