near any source of heat or moisture, or in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight may affect the finish
and, nearby heat sources will cause higher electrical consumption.
Install the outdoor refrigerator in a well-ventilated area where the ambient temperature is above
25°F and below 100°F
This Outdoor Refrigerator is designed to be either free-standing or built-in. It has motorized fans
at the back of the unit that direct compressor-generated heat away from the compressor and
through the front of the unit, keeping the front vents unobstructed. If the unit is built-in, allow
minimum clearances of 1/4” at the sides, 1/2” at the back and 1” at the top.
Location Requirements
INSTALLATION CLEARANCES: (Unit shown in an enclosed setup)
Note: The temperature range for this cooler is optimized for outdoor beverage storage. Perishable food
items may require a different storage environment
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