Pull out the plug before doing any maintenance on the unit to avoid electric shock.
Never pull out plug when hands are wet!
This unit is not intended for the storage of medicines or chemical reagents.
Keep packing materials away from children.
Condenser water from evaporator drains into a hole in the floor of the storage compartment and
is channeled into a drain pan located at the back of the unit on the compressor. Heat transferred
from the compressor evaporates any water that has collected in the pan. Be sure the drain hole
in the floor of the unit is clear and unobstructed.
During long absences, remove the unit’s contents, unplug the unit, clean it and leave the door
open slightly to avoid possible formation of condensation, mold or odors. Use a cover to protect
the unit and prolong its lifespan.
Leave disassembly and disposal of the unit to qualified experts.
Do not place the unit next to a heating vent, a range or in direct sunlight.
Keep the door closed as much as possible, especially in hot, humid weather.
Cover foods to reduce moisture buildup inside the appliance.
Installation Types
This refrigerator has been designed for free-standing, recessed, or built-in installation. In every case,
there must be adequate ventilation and access for service. Never install or operate the unit in an
enclosed area, such as a closed cabinet.
Free-standing installation:
A free-standing installation will allow you to install the refrigerator in any place you desire. You
must follow the stated instructions for
a Electrical requirements
b Location requirements of the refrigerator
Built-in installation:
If this method of installation is chosen, it will still be necessary to allow adequate ventilation
space around the unit (make sure there is at least some ventilation room for the back of the
unit). The following additional items must be observed.
Remove packaging materials and Cleaning
IMPORTANT: Do not remove any permanent instruction labels or the data label on your refrigerator.
Remove the exterior and interior packaging. Use a soft dry cloth to wipe down the outside of the
refrigerator thoroughly. Use a clean cloth dampened with lukewarm water to wipe down the
inside of the refrigerator.
Air must circulate freely in front of the refrigerator. Avoid placing the appliance
Risk of child entrapment. Before discarding your old refrigerator:
• take off the doors
• leave the shelves in place so that children may not easily climb inside.
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