Maintenance 57
3. Remove the lamp cover by (a) sliding
the cover toward the side of the
projector and (b) lifting it off.
Do not turn the power on with the lamp
cover removed.
Do not insert your fingers between the
lamp and the projector. The sharp edges
inside the projector may cause injuries.
4. Loosen the screws that secure the lamp.
5. Lift the handle so that it stands up. Use
the handle to slowly pull the lamp out
of the projector.
Pulling it too quickly may cause the lamp
to break and scatter broken glass in the
Do not place the lamp in locations where
water might splash on it, children can
reach it, or near flammable materials.
Do not insert your hands into the projector
after the lamp is removed. If you touch the
optical components inside, it could cause
color unevenness and distortion of the
projected images.
6. Insert the new lamp into the lamp
compartment and make sure it fits in
the projector.
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